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Hello everyone! My name's Anders Zakrisson and I've named these pages the ZedEn projects. This is my contribution to the 'net, mainly concerning my home enterteinment projects. These pages are most of all a way for myself to organize and keep my ideas collected in one place. I try to make all of my things to get the best price/quality ratio and to get that I firmly believe that DIY is the way to go.

This is a work in progress since I constantly evaluate re-engineer, tweak and update my projects.

Read on, and if you find anything interesting don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Current status:

Speakers: Schematic and CAD ready, wood work and pcb in progress.

Amplifier: Being replaced with active speaker modules.

HTPC: Up and running, chassis building in progress.

Latest changes:

  • 2004-01-21: Speaker page updated with schematic of the work in progress as well as more info on dipoles and box-speakers.
  • 2004-01-16: Updated the htpc Software page with a picture of the GUI among other things.
  • 2004-01-15: Updated/modified the HTPC Psu page.
  • 2004-01-06: Added a VGA to SCART page, I also updated the htpc pages with some information on the myHTPC GUI.
  • 2003-12-16: Added cad drawing of the new speaker design on the speaker page.
  • 2003-12-11: Small updates to the speaker page along with a concept design of the next version of my dipoles.
  • 2003-12-03: It turned out that kX drivers weren't so good at equalising dipoles below 100Hz, and since the amp is no more I thought a little and now I've started to build active filter/amp modules for my speakers.
  • 2003-11-22: I've revised the amp schematics and updated the page.
  • 2003-11-16: A new page is up that describes my system.
  • 2003-11-16: The speaker page is updated with photos and text on the new speakers, although I can't really say how they sound since I only played them for an hour or so before the mishap with the amp.
  • 2003-11-16: After an intense week of building my semi-final speakers, configuring the HTPC and adding 2 channels to the amp, I blew a couple of them. So I've removed the amp to rebuild it.
  • 2003-11-05: Made some adjustments to the HTPC page.
  • 2003-11-03: Got the HTPC up and running this morning only to discover that a 1GHz C3 processor is not enough for playing DVDs and and xvids fluently. A friend bought the M-10000 mb for his music computer and I ordered a mATX board with an Athlon xp 2200+. See the HTPC page for more details.
  • 2003-10-30: The speaker and HTPC page have been updated with pictures and a flow diagram of dipole eq/crossover.
  • 2003-10-26: Various updates to the speaker page.
  • 2003-10-24: Prototype dipole speakers are up and running! I'm really pleased with the result and can't wait to get the real ones up and running.
  • 2003-10-23: Found out about kX projects Audigy 2 drivers and life became a lot easier! Speaker and HTPC page updated as a result of that.
  • 2003-10-03: PCB artwork finished and added to the amplifier page and htpc PSU page. I also revised the amp schematic for an inverted layout.
  • 2003-08-27: More info on soundcards at the HTPC page.
  • 2003-08-26: Made the HTPC PSU a three bridge topology for a better groundplane. Ordered the parts for it.
  • 2003-08-25: Added pictures of my prototype amplifier.
  • 2003-08-22: Did some thinking and then decided to build open baffle speakers instead of the concrete two-ways that I'm working with right now. So the speakers page is updated with more information.
  • 2003-08-22: The HTPC page is updated with information on the software.
  • 2003-08-22: Added a pictures on the amplifier and myself
  • 2003-08-12: More info on my concrete speakerboxes on the speakers page.
  • 2003-08-11: Updated the HTPC PSU page.
  • 2003-08-10: Revised the amplifier schematic, added some info there and made a schematic over the complete htpc psu.
  • 2003-08-09: Added a HTPC PSU page and updated the speakers page
  • 2003-08-08: Updated HTPC page
  • 2003-08-06: Online!




© Anders Zakrisson 2003. Please contact me if you have any questions